RI Consulting provides specialised financial and commercial services to companies and government bodies, many of whom do not have the necessary in-house expertise or resources to carry out key tasks.

Unlike investment banks that provide financial advice and adhoc services such as financial modeling, commercial reviews and future cash flow forecasting with a view to obtaining a larger, more lucrative fees on a resulting or subsequent transaction, RI Consulting provides completely independent financial and commercial consulting but with the same quality of that from investment banks with no strings attached.

RI Consulting is a combination of team members who have over 20 years investment banking experience at senior levels from the likes of Macquarie, JP Morgan and KPMG. We are not an investment bank and do not provide advice. Our aim is to provide financial decision-making tools to management and the Board of companies on a completely unbiased basis and without the requirement for follow on mandates. Our team also has extensive experience in advising Governments and local authorities in private financing initiatives such as PPPs and project financing.

Our specialties are in the resources (oil and gas, mining), infrastructure, property and industrial centres but in general are able to build financial models to suit all business requirements. Our services include:

  • Financial models;
  • Cash flow forecasts and reconciliations;
  • Commercial reviews;
  • Project financing and structuring;
  • M&A valuations;
  • Assets valuations for investment or divestment;
  • Review of adviser proposals and engagement letters;