RI Consult has developed its own proprietary Master Estate Model that can be used by property developers to assess potential acquisition or divestment opportunities. RI Consult also builds bespoke financial models for specific opportunities suitable for its clients.

    We build models for all types of property developments, including:

  • Hotels
  • Malls
  • Residential developments
  • Commercial developments
  • Car parks
  • Industrial parks and estates
  • Mixed use developments

    Our models cater for all types of real-estate transactions, including

  • Greenfield / Brownfield
  • Land sales
  • Land develop and sale/lease
  • Refurbishments to existing properties

    Key outputs include:

  • Valuation based on cap rate, book value, DCF
  • NPV/IRR and any other relevant financial metrics
  • Pay-back period
  • Valuation of specific mixes of property
  • Optimal development phasing and strategy to maximise returns